Selasa, 04 Desember 2012

They call him a "Boss"

This cartoon is result of listening to a friend joke about monkey seller and a prospective buyer.
The Monkey seller have 3 each of monkey with different abilities and different prices.
Monkey No.1: Just having the ability to pluck the coconut. With price of 300.
Monkey No.2: Have the ability to pluck the coconut, dancing and cleaning the cage itself. with price of 500
Monkey No.3: It has no ability at all, just sit down, relax and eat a lot. With price of 1000.

A prospective buyer who came in asking, "Why the Monkey No. 3 more expensive than the other? While he not having any ability".
The Seller say :" I also do not understand, I just know the Monkey No. 1 and Monkey No.2 call the him a BOSS".